Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So . . . thought maybe we could share some preparation and planning for the 'big race for the socks.'
I am again running my hardtail with the kenda klimax lites and i got a little front fender just in case of wetness. My only other change for this year is that i am really considering ditching the camelback. I really like having a loose cool back, i guess. I am thinking that i'll carry two bottles (filled with cytomax at the start) and fill jersey pockets and tape stuff to my bike--though i' not sure how my stromboli will handle being taped to my toptube . . .
I will also definitely carry some electrolyte tablets after seeing everybody cramping last year.
Anybody else have any plans or changes or ideas???


stumphumper said...

My plan is to drink a bunch of beer the Saturday night before the race, puke, oversleep on Sunday, miss the race, and then have Sue call me a wuss...

Benchoff said...

Good Plan Humper!!

Dave, I think I may go the bottle root as well. I may carry two on the bike and one in a jersey pocket.

drw said...

so if you're doing the bottles, what's your plan for cytomax? are you going to use a seat pack for tubes and such?

Joeltrain said...

You may want to think about utilizing the checkpoint(s) for dropping a ziplock with food,gels and fluids.
That way you don't have to carry all your stuff the whole length of the race.
They are allowing each person at least one bag to be placed at a checkpoint.Check the website for more details.


Dale said...

I plan on riding with Youngblood and go buy a pair of MBM socks witch i have plenty of. We are going to ride Mont Alto. Sunny it will be a rode ride or if rainy a Mountain ride. Maybe we will see you big guns on the race course.