Friday, December 28, 2007

MBM has a State Champion!!!

Joel Moats recently won a PA Cyclocross State Title.
Below is his race report.

Congratulations Joel!!!!

PA State Championships/Wonderland Cyclocross---Lancaster,PA

Way before the alarm went off, I awoke realizing that today was the last race of the 2007 cyclocross season. I lay thinking of earlier races, rolling the highlights over in my head. Thinking that I hadn’t really had that race where everything came together. There were some good races, like Granogue and Wissahickon and there was a few I would rather forget---Fairhill CX. Recalling last years race at this venue in Lancaster, I began making mental laps of the course until it was time to rise and shine, and begin the Prerace Ritual.
I picked Nathan Goates up in Shippensburg and after some ice dancing , we headed to Lancaster County. I had heard from a co-worker , that Lancaster didn’t get any snow.------WRONG.--------We arrived to see the course covered with about an inch of icy slushiness with temps in the upper thirtys. I new right then the technically skilled racers would have the upper hand. As I readied my bike and body for the pain train, the early races turned the course into a brown quagmire. “Definitely going with the Mud 2’s at about 28 psi.”We yelled as Cathy Large raced to a 2nd Place Overall and Silver Medal for the PA State Championship in the B Women category.
After a pretty good warmup session on the trainer, one tall dark, half a can of Monster Energy drink, half a powerbar and a bottle of Cytomax, I made my way to the start area. I stripped off all the layers down to the skinsuit and arm warmers, the Icy-Hot finally steaming “hot” after an hour. There were no call-ups and attentively , I got a good start position amidst the 17 entries for the B Men contest.. Sitting on the top tube several minutes waiting for the official, I really wanted to get on with it. My “dangling carrot” was 2 positions to my left, we are in the front row. The plan was to try to hang with him……….
The whistle blew and off we went. I was in one too hard a gear and didn’t get the jump I normally get out of the start and ended up around 6th or so into the first turn. In which some knucklehead darn near took out my front wheel. As we got to the muddier off-camber section, I made some passes by keeping down close to the trees and hopping the log that was obviously left there on purpose.The next turn and straight were rideable but way faster to run---keep in mind this is flat ground with 4 inches of mud. Next came a rideable turn into a straight section with a set of barriers. At this point my heart rate is thru the roof and breathing is fast and furious, but I’m hanging with my carrot…….the rest of the race is a blur of numb feet, searing pain, mud, sand, and trying to stay upright…..Until I realize I’m in 4th.I passed into 3rd on a sweeping, off-camber right that led into a sharp climb into a set of barriers.After that stuck, I set sights on 2nd place(my “dangling carrot”) and started gaining on him. I’m riding the sand pit and gaining a couple seconds each time.Two laps to go and I’m within 5 seconds! Now I’m really pushing it---Michelin’s barely hanging in the turns---------I thought “Don’t’ want to go down now!” Ten seconds later-------too much rear brake and I’m on my can. The “carrot” must have seen me go down, because he has opened up an attack and added 15-20 seconds to his lead. Back on and still charging, we get the bell lap and I give it as much stick as I can --whenever I can. Once again I started to close the gap, but there was not enough turf left to catch him. I pushed on to the line were I was met with applause and the “carrot” saying, “Way to go dude, you got the State Championship.” Turns out 1st place was from Delaware and “the carrot-Chad” is from New Jersey.
That is my story of how blind pigs do find an acorn now and then.-----------Joel Moats

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Upcoming Rides

Friday, Dec. 28 - Mont Alto @ 9 a.m.

Sunday, Dec. 30 - Old Forge @ 9 a.m.

Tuesday, Jan. 1 - Caledonia @ 9 a.m. (hangovers welcome!)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Trail Work

Hey!! I think I got this thang worken. Thanks Paul. Paul and I got turtle open also.

Mont Alto Trail Update 12/24/07

I went for an early morning solo ride at Mont Alto today. Cut open some more stuff. Things are really starting to get back to normal. Also talked to Curt Finney in the parking lot and he's been doing a ton of clean up work also.

An update to the trails post below:

Four Logs - open
Lower Charcoal Hearth - open
Upper Buckets - open
Lost Creek - open
Wayne's Highway - open
Wayne's Trail - open
The Shelf - open

Also ran into Joeltrain, Paul Doty, and Bucksexy out for a ride. It was good to see Chuck back on his bike, and recovering quickly after his dreams of playing in the NBA were cut short...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Trail Update

Yes indeed, there are some big trees overturned at Mont Alto!

Well, things are shaping up in the Michaux State Forest. Most of the damage was in the drainages near water so areas like Park Trail and the Narrows were pretty rough. Still lots of work to do but here is the latest:

Upper Connector - open
Lower Connector - ?
Breast - totally open
Abigail - bottom open, upper section likely ok
Lollipop - ?
Camp I - ?
Camp II - ?
Camp III - ?
Camp IV - ?
Stinger - ?
Wildcat - ?
Yellow Ridge - ?
Blue Trail - ?
Secret (sssssh) - ?
Ditch - ?
Canada Hollow - ?

Mont Alto
Park Trail (top part above picnic area - open
Park Trail (bottom section) - ?
TV/Cable line to Narrows - open
Heaven or Hell - open
Middle Narrows - open (need to move cut logs)
Upper Narrows - open (one big log remains at bottom-don't remove!)
Lower Buckets - open
Lee's Rocks - open
Upper Buckets - ?
Charcoal Hearth - ?
Waynes Trail - ?
Waynes Highway - ?
Turtle - unknown, likely not open at bottom
Black Andes - open to Buckets, upper unknown
The Shelf - ?
Sawmill - ? (top part was logged before storm and is in bad shape)
Crumble - ?
Four Logs - ?
Col. Weistling - logged
Spooge - logged
Sweeper - ?
Short ripper - ?
Upper Hearth - ?
Fire Tower - ?
Curran - ?
Raccoon Run - ?
Lost Creek - ?

Old Forge
Rocky Ridge - ?, Travis Coldsmith was working there today
Larry, Moe, Curly - ?
Stick - probably pretty bad
Soggy Bottom - ?

Pine Grove Furnace
Look for an update from YBR soon.
Heading out the Narrows after a few hours of trail-clearing in the rain. Look for good things, some trails will actually be improved by the required re-routes.

Christmas Eve Day Mtb Ride @ Mont Alto

Hello and Happy Holidays.
I'll be riding at Mont Alto tommorow 12/24/07 @ 1000 am.
It's going to be a good day to ride.
See you there?

Joel Moats

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mont Alto cleanup

Bruce Kessler, Morgan Styer, Steve Seeber and I went up to Mont Alto this morning to ride and see what kind of clean up needs to be done after last weekend's ice storm. Our hopes of ridng were quickly snuffed out. The place looks like a war zone. There are trees down everywhere, even across Staley Road.

Portions of the Park Trail need to be rerouted due to trees being uprooted. There are just large craters where the trail used to be.

Thanks to Bruce's chainsaw and our other wood cutting weapons we were able to reopen all of Lower Buckets. It took us about 3.5 hours just to get that done! It's going to take awhile to open all the trails around Mont Alto if the damage we saw today is spread throughout the area.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I attempted to ride Mont Alto today but wasn't even able to finish Parking Lot trail before throwing in the towel due to all the down trees. The Ice and wind storms from last weekend have left the place a mess. There are probably a 1/2 dozen trees blocking the first section of parking lot trail. I didn't venture up the mountain any farther so I'm not sure what it looks like up there. I think that this will call for some trail work days over the winter to clean it all up. Chainsaws would be of help if anyone has any.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Night Ride Fever

Michaux's winter Tuesday night rides have begun. Powerful lights, warm clothes, and advanced riding abilities are a must! Every Tuesday throughout the winter at 6pm - email or comment for details. To give you a rough idea - we ride up Connector, up Abigail, back Camp 2 and Camp 1 (backwards) down Lollipop in the dark during snowstorms. Great trails, great times, suit-up and come out.

There are also indoor winter training rides in Chambersburg on Tuesdays & Thursdays; and, of course, regular Sunday morning MBM rides; again, email for details.