Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day ride and picnic/pool party at Rob Mazzei’s house

We’ll ride from Rob’s house at 9AM on Monday and do Mackey Run. We’ll cheer for Chris as he attempts to regain his “man card” from Susie. The pace will be fun and we can try some of the more challenging parts of Mackey Run until we clean them.

Finish at Rob’s by noon where we can kick back in the pool and hot tub so bring your swim suits. Rob will kick you out of the pool if you’re not wearing a swim suit. Sorry, Jody!

Please RSVP ( with the food or drink you’d like to bring and how many people will be attending. We’ll need enough to feed 10-15 people.

Food & drink ideas:
Hot dogs - Jody
Hot dog rolls - Jody
Mustard - Jody
Ketchup - Jody
Hamburgers - Steve (a new guy)
Hamburger rolls - Steve (a new guy)
Beer - Steve (a new guy)
Chips/pretzels - Paul D
Cheese slices - Joel M
Pickles - Joel M
Chips - Joel M
Dip - Joel M
Chicken - Chuck B
BBQ sauce - Chuck B
Baked potatoes - Chuck B
Cookies - Chris B
Baked beans - Jason M
dessert - Jason M

Please email Chuck ( or Rob for directions.

Saturday Solo Mission

A hectic schedule this weekend has me unable to make the Sunday morning ride or Saturday's morning ride. So I decided to go for some solo singletrack action in Mont Alto on Saturday afternoon.

I left the lot around 1 p.m. taking the Park trail over to Staley Road. Since it's going to be logged soon, I climbed up Buckets - man I'm going to miss this trail.

Rain for the last two days has definitely left the trails a little greasy - the roots and rocks haven't dried out yet and there is a bit of mud on the trails.

Instead of taking the normal route across Lower Charcoal Hearth at the top of Buckets I decided to climb the gas line to the top of Upper Charcoal Hearth trail. I was rewarded with a pretty good view even on a humid, hazy afternoon.

After bombing down Upper Hearth I climbed back up Staley Rd and over to Four Logs.

At the bottom of Four Logs I found this guy guarding the entrance in the "up" direction.

From here I headed down Wayne's Trail, across Park Trail and back to the parking lot for my "hoppy ending".

Great ride, good fun.

Have fun on Sunday. See you on the trails soon.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Aughwick Road Ride / Saturday

Ride leaves from 207 Glen Street @ 0900 on Saturday-8/30.
Just shy of 60 miles.Lots of climbing at a hurtish pace.
Anticipate at least 4 hours.View fullscreen and click on the "show elevation" tab for an elevation map.


ROAD RIDE Saturday 8/30


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can't get enough of Buckets

We did buckets both ways on Sunday. We are trying to enjoy it as much as we can before the loggers erase it.

Rookie Scott "AKA The Bleeder" lost his usual pint on the trails but he gets kudos for hangin in there with the group.

Scott I found a 25.4 riser bar if you'd like to give it a try.

My trip the Bonneville Salt Flats was great but that poor rental car will never be the same.


Hey Gang
Lets ride at Pine Grove Furnace. Do the old race course. I hope all the rattle snakes are staying off Grave Ridge. I guess we will find out. Hey skinny is that Grave's or Grave? I can never remember. Ride starts at 9am.........

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hey gang
Hope you all had fun last Sunday. Had some new riders and some old. This Sunday will be at Mont Alto by request of I'll get there when I get there Chuck. I won't be there myself because mountain safety training starts this Sunday for up coming ski season. I get to learn how to rescue people. He He. This Thurs. we will try single speed night again. Sundays ride starts at 9am. Have fun and be safe!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday at Caledonia pictures

Zach gets a surprise colonoscopy!

Click below to see more of Don Pagano's photos of our Sunday ride from Caledonia. 19 riders showed up.

Congrats to Don (4th in Single Speed Open) and Zach (12th in Elite Men) at Iron Hill on Saturday.


Some new faces today. And some really old ones....Chief. We had great weather and a fun route thanks to the Chief.

Josh puttin those big wheels to work.

Check out Dr.D's left hand. Is he doing a one hander log crossing? I think he's about to become a tree hugger.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Maps for Teaberry are Posted!

The Maps for Teaberry are now available on the race web page.

I'm crushed!!! No Rocky Ridge or Mackey Run on the 25 mile loop.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Hey Gang
Sounds like you all had a good ride Sunday. This Sunday will be at Caledonia. Ride Time 9am......This Thurs. I think should be Single speed night. So if you have a single speed ,bring it... But if you don't bring your hard tail......And if you only have one bike bring it. Sorry about your luck. Softies are welcome

Yeti AS-R for sale

This Don Pagano's Yeti. Please contact Don with any questions.

I am selling a 2006 Yeti ASR-SL mountain bike, black with silver paint scheme, medium in size. This bike is in excellent condition, and has not been ridden in well over a year. It is built up as follows: Fox RP3 shock, Fox F100 RLT 100mm fork, Shimano XTR front derailleur, new XT rear derailleur, XTR hydraulic disc brakes, Deore/XT shifters, Yeti carbon low riser bar, Yeti lock on grips, new Ritchey logic Pro headset, TruVativ GPX crankset, new RaceFace rings, WTB Rocket saddle, Crank Bros Eggbeater pedals, Shimano XT/Bontrager racing wheelset with XT splined rotors, new Panaracer Fire XC Pro 2.1 tires, Sram 11-34 cassette, Titec stem. Also included with this bike is a spare derailleur hanger and a spare Fox Float shock. This bike is fast, handles brilliantly, is comfortable, light, and pedals very efficiently. $1600

It is shown with the Ti spoked WTB/Sun wheelset, a different crank and stem, but otherwise its the same bike. The wheels I was going to ask $225 for, or include with the bike for another $200.

I can be contacted via or at 717-243-0660.

Info and pictures:

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mountain Bikers of Shedrick

Dona, focusing on one of the slab highway sections.

Dan, trusting my words, that the other side is ramped too.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rainy Thurs Ride

We had rough start

and a picture perfect finish

Michaux Dual Sport This Sunday

Heads up for anyone not cognizant . . . the Michaux Dual Sport hosted by MORE is this Sunday. The motos are covering ground from 3 Stooges in the South to the Deer Lodge in the North. 114-ish miles, with all the options. They'll be doing the south half in the morning and then heading north after the lunch stop at Big Flat, so you might want to plan any rides accordingly.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Hey All
This Sunday will be at Gambrill State Park (AKA, The Water Shed). Will meet at the Sheetz on the corner of rt.66 & rt.40. Meet at 8:00am. For those who live in the area we will start the ride at 9am from Hamburg road parking area. ( Donna hope you can be at the Sheetz for those who don't know how to get to Hamburg Rd. If not let me know.>)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Saturday Michaux ride

Anybody interested in an easy/moderate ride on Saturday morning? It'll be from the ATV lot on Big Flat at 10am. We'll do Three Mile Trail, maybe Rattlesnake, maybe Grave Ridge backwards and other trails. We can finish with a climb up Stairway, climb up Shippensburg Trail or climb/walk/crawl up Dead Woman's. Email if you're interested.


North Michaux Tuesday Night Trail Maintenance

I'd like to clear some stuff Tuesday evening, and could use at least one other person to help me out...for two reasons, I'd rather not be out in the woods by myself with implements of motorized dismemberment and I have two powertools and not enough hands. If we get more hands, we'll take hand loppers, saws and rakes along, too. Fun for everyone.

Goals--Dynamite Shed, Bunker Hill, downhill connector from Ridge to Bunkerhill (open it up and remove some more pave time), and last on the list, new ridgetop stuff off the top of Michaux. Do as much as we have time or energy for. We'll move the vehicles at least once, mabe twice to minimize hike time to all the spots.

Any takers?

My house, 5:00-ish.

Wednesday NorChaux Ride

Yeah, gettin' it out early so you have no excuses.

6:00 Wednesday--ride time, if you're coming, please be there and ready to ride by 6:00 as we seem to be losing light faster these days. We'll try not to finish in the dark this time, maybe stick to the north ridge. Or not.

What can I say, I like Larry's nomenclature.

Mackey Run

If we had taken this picture after Mackey Run there wouldn't be as many smiles. Including myself.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Mackey Run & Sucker Punch

Gettysburg'er Travis will be working on Sucker Punch all day Sunday and Tuesday evening. He could use some help. He also needs our help riding in Mackey Run.

He'll be parked at the Chickadee gate Sunday morning. If you find him, he can tell you how to find the new trails.

Sounds like Rocky Ridge needs some serious weed-whacking too before the race.