Friday, August 01, 2008

Mackey Run & Sucker Punch

Gettysburg'er Travis will be working on Sucker Punch all day Sunday and Tuesday evening. He could use some help. He also needs our help riding in Mackey Run.

He'll be parked at the Chickadee gate Sunday morning. If you find him, he can tell you how to find the new trails.

Sounds like Rocky Ridge needs some serious weed-whacking too before the race.


Travis said...

Mackey Run has been cleared of all down trees, weed whacked, and a bunch of masonry and log work has been done to make all but one section rideable depending on direction. If you haven't seen this trail since last Sunday, There is a HUGE difference. Feel free to throw a rock around to help in some of the harder areas! Its easy to find. Ride up the power line past the entrance to Rocky Ridge and keep going until it looks like you will drop off the edge of the Earth, then turn right. You will know exactly what I am talking about when you get there. Have fun!

Dom said...

Hey - what's up. I found this while looking online for trails, etc in Michaux. I grew up just around the corner off Old Forge road, but moved out of the area in '94. Just rode Chickadee as well as some other trails, mostly jeep road, last weekend. Fun times, but wish I knew the trails better. Wondering how to get in touch with you guys to get a better feel for what's up there. If someone's up for it, please drop me a line at Thanks.


pabiker said...

Rocky Ridge has some kinda invasive species that is a pain in the ass. It is a vine-like plant with Ginko-like leaves and tiny barbs that stick to you and your clothing.


Scott said...

Hello all, also new to MBM. I live out in St. Thomas area and am looking for a group to ride with and show me the trails. Was out in Idaho for most of June and early July and did a lot of riding there. Want to keep my groove going. Just got my first full suspension bike, a used Jekyll. Where is "Old Forge" exactly? I'm planning to show up on Sunday and also next Thursday evening.


pabiker said...

Scott, Old Forge is a picnic area not a State Park, but you can still find it on googlemaps, DNCR's site, and mapquest. We ride from the picnic area off of Old Forge Road.

Hope you can make it.

Buck said...

If you need directions give me a call 717-4*0*4-3/4/2/7! Josh

Buck said...

I'm on Leafmore Road Scott so we could car pool to rides. Give me a call if interested. number is under last comment!! Josh