Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day ride and picnic/pool party at Rob Mazzei’s house

We’ll ride from Rob’s house at 9AM on Monday and do Mackey Run. We’ll cheer for Chris as he attempts to regain his “man card” from Susie. The pace will be fun and we can try some of the more challenging parts of Mackey Run until we clean them.

Finish at Rob’s by noon where we can kick back in the pool and hot tub so bring your swim suits. Rob will kick you out of the pool if you’re not wearing a swim suit. Sorry, Jody!

Please RSVP ( with the food or drink you’d like to bring and how many people will be attending. We’ll need enough to feed 10-15 people.

Food & drink ideas:
Hot dogs - Jody
Hot dog rolls - Jody
Mustard - Jody
Ketchup - Jody
Hamburgers - Steve (a new guy)
Hamburger rolls - Steve (a new guy)
Beer - Steve (a new guy)
Chips/pretzels - Paul D
Cheese slices - Joel M
Pickles - Joel M
Chips - Joel M
Dip - Joel M
Chicken - Chuck B
BBQ sauce - Chuck B
Baked potatoes - Chuck B
Cookies - Chris B
Baked beans - Jason M
dessert - Jason M

Please email Chuck ( or Rob for directions.

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Travis said...

Have fun on the Big Mack! Maybe I'll stumble into some other riders for the first time out there. Once you get some of the big moves everything will click. I will be hiking Snaggy Mountain looking for similar terrain and the last link to the Super Man Loop. (Teaberry, Snowy, Totem Pole, Teaberry) In case MBMers didn't notice, The lower half of Sucker Punch is in the race as a climb. If you want to do the whole trail, just turn right where the motorcycles went left towards the road. I could be wrong, but I haven't seen any signs of other riders on that trail other than the Cupcakes.