Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Solo Mission

A hectic schedule this weekend has me unable to make the Sunday morning ride or Saturday's morning ride. So I decided to go for some solo singletrack action in Mont Alto on Saturday afternoon.

I left the lot around 1 p.m. taking the Park trail over to Staley Road. Since it's going to be logged soon, I climbed up Buckets - man I'm going to miss this trail.

Rain for the last two days has definitely left the trails a little greasy - the roots and rocks haven't dried out yet and there is a bit of mud on the trails.

Instead of taking the normal route across Lower Charcoal Hearth at the top of Buckets I decided to climb the gas line to the top of Upper Charcoal Hearth trail. I was rewarded with a pretty good view even on a humid, hazy afternoon.

After bombing down Upper Hearth I climbed back up Staley Rd and over to Four Logs.

At the bottom of Four Logs I found this guy guarding the entrance in the "up" direction.

From here I headed down Wayne's Trail, across Park Trail and back to the parking lot for my "hoppy ending".

Great ride, good fun.

Have fun on Sunday. See you on the trails soon.


Chief said...

I must say you got your $#%! togeather.

clownbike said...

Chris your hired. You make Mont Alto look and sound like some exotic mountian biking distination.

Anonymous said...

That's why I'm in marketing...

pabiker said...

Sometimes it's nice to get a solo ride in.