Monday, September 30, 2013

Iron Cross results

A huge thank you to Mike Kuhn and the crew and their families for spending days and days planning, putting on and cleaning up an awesome race! Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make this race happen and thank you to the support crews and sponsors! Without all these people that love cycling so much, we wouldn’t have awesome racing!

We had quite a few MBM’ers out there “enjoying” the race.

In the “100K”:
Ladies first: Alicia finished (with her bearded Birdman on his single speed!) with a very respectable time and with the gutsiest performance of the day!

Ralph P led the MBM pack with an impressive ride. He took an hour off of last years’ time after he raced the Three Peaks ultracross the week before!
Dave W. powered to the finish with a flat tire! Does anything slow him down?
Trevis rounds out the sub 6 hour rides!
Ben C. with a strong first time ride! Rode all of Lippencote on his cross bike!
Mike D – someone update me on Mike please

In the 50K:
Dave R with a victory in the single speed category!
Dale with a third place finish in the 40+!
And I finished with a fifth place in the 40+!

Thanks again to all that made this happen!

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Friday, September 27, 2013

IC checkpoint

The Iron Cross MBM checkpoint is at the top of Stillhouse Hollow Road at the power line. The same place it has been for years. This year we are much closer to the beginning of the race. We'll need to be set up and ready by 9:30 and we expect the first rider could be there by 10am. This year we will be a water stop only, no drop bags!!
After the checkpoint is done anyone that can move forward in the course and help out would be great.
I expect everything to be through that point no later than 11am. However, everyone that volunteers is welcome to return to the start/finish at Big Flat lot and eat.

If anyone is interested, there is a volunteer meeting at the Big Flat lot at 8am in the Trans-Sylvania Epic tent. If not feel free to meet at the checkpoint.

There's a link with a map location on this post.
Thanks. See you there.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sunday Ride 9-22 - And Sock PickUp!

Caledonia 9am.
The Socks will be there. Ooooooo.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fast and smooth

The winners laps video

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dickinson MTB Skills Clinic

Please see the flyer for the MTB skills clinic put on by Harlan Price this weekend in Carlisle. Act fast to get a spot. This is a unique opportunity at a good price if you're interested! Contact info is on the flyer.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Iron Cross 2nd half pre-ride

Some of us are doing a pre-ride of the second half of this year's Iron Cross course this Sunday the 22nd. We will be leaving from Big Flat at 9am. Dust off those cross bikes and come ride with us!

Fall Racing Season

If you are racing and you have volunteered with MBM this year contact me before registering for this event!
The Iron Cross XI is September 29th. See Bikereg for more info.
If you're racing Good Luck!! The course has changed this year. The start/finish will be at Big Flat.
MBM is hosting the regular checkpoint at the power line on Stillhouse Hollow Road. If you can help please contact me. We always have a great time at this one. Food and beverages will be provided. I'll ask the promoters for some swag too.

Volunteering for MBM supported events not only provides participants the opportunity to safely enjoy central PA's greatest natural resource, it also helps sustain the only mountain bike club in Michuax State Forest that is recognized by DCNR and open to anyone. 

To volunteer for any event contact me directly:
See you at a ride soon! ~Slow 

Friday, September 13, 2013

new Emmitsburg Trails open

MORE is hosting an IMBA "Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day" ride here on Oct 5th.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday 9/12/13 Mont Alto Ride

As of 3:00pm the weather in Chambersburg is looking bad.  If you are planning to ride tonight post a comment.  It is not likely many (or any) will show at Mont Alto this evening so proceed at your own risk.


Friday, September 06, 2013

'Cross/Gravel Grinder rides

Is anybody interested in doing some fire/dirt road rides in the region's State Forests this fall?  I would love to do Ironcross this year since it has been moved to earlier in the year (and away from my nephew's birthday), but I have family commitments out of town that weekend.  Also, I am not fit enough at the moment!  I would like to finally get out for some 'cross rides on my CrossCheck.  I would especially like to check out some of the roads in Tuscarora state forest.  If anyone has a good route suggestions in that forest please let me know.  I'm also up for riding in Michaux.  I would be able to do ~2 hour rides on Tues/Fri in Norchaux if we start by 1PM as I need to pick up my kiddo from daycare by 4-4:30 in Harrisburg.  I could probably get away for a longer ride on the weekend as long as I have advance notice.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

PreRace Ride

If a replacement for my exploded shifter arrives tomorrow, I will do a preride of the 20 mile loop, starting at 9 on Sunday. I will ride at race pace, which, for the rest of you will hardly raise your heart rates.

Sunday Ride 9-8

The Enduro signs all over Michaux are scaring me south of the border . . .

Gburg may be doing a Teaberry preride, so if you're interested in that keep your eyes peeled.
Our MBM group ride will be from the SandFlats in the Watershed. Thanks to Jason for agreeing to usher us around. We can carpool/caravan from the southend of Cburg if anybody wants to. We will try to get there to ride at 9, so meeting around 8 would be plenty of time.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Thursday Ride (I can't lead it)

I had thought I could lead a ride from the Teaberry lot this Thursday but I have a work conflict.  We've been talking about moving the Thursday night ride around a bit and we've got some newer riders that would like to see the trails around Teaberry prior to the upcoming race.  If anyone can lead a ride from the Teaberry lot this Thursday or any other time please post.  Also, if you plan to ride this Thursday from Mont Alto please post so newer riders will know they have a leader.