Friday, September 27, 2013

IC checkpoint

The Iron Cross MBM checkpoint is at the top of Stillhouse Hollow Road at the power line. The same place it has been for years. This year we are much closer to the beginning of the race. We'll need to be set up and ready by 9:30 and we expect the first rider could be there by 10am. This year we will be a water stop only, no drop bags!!
After the checkpoint is done anyone that can move forward in the course and help out would be great.
I expect everything to be through that point no later than 11am. However, everyone that volunteers is welcome to return to the start/finish at Big Flat lot and eat.

If anyone is interested, there is a volunteer meeting at the Big Flat lot at 8am in the Trans-Sylvania Epic tent. If not feel free to meet at the checkpoint.

There's a link with a map location on this post.
Thanks. See you there.


drw said...

Looks like it will be a beautiful day for some suffering! Best of luck to all the MBM folks racing -- we have a big group this year! The prereg includes many studs and I even see a stud-ette! Go get 'em Hans, Dale, Mike D, Bird, Alicia, Dave R, Myself (!), Ralph P, Trevis, and Ben!
Let's see if we can group up for a photo at some point.

Anonymous said...

You just couldn't resist Dave?!?! (Alicia)

Jeremy said...

Ride well, everyone! I shall support you by drinking coffee and yelling for you.

The Romper Room Lady said...

I can see David and Michael and Alicia and ...

RJ said...

Thanks for the checkpoint guys !!! Much appreciated! It was a great day for a bike race. !!!