Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Teaberry race??

How did everyone do? Anyone have any pics? I need to get home to get a Michaux fix!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Michaux Socks - Get them at the Race!!

Get your Michaux Socks at the Race this weekend!!
See Dale and Sue they have plenty!

Aireator material - Navy Blue / Dark Red
Sizes: Medium and Large
  • Stays Cooler
  • Fast Dry
  • Most DurableBest Fit
$5.00 each

If you would like your socks mailed. Please send the sock money plus the following shipping amount to me. Also, include your name and address plus the sock sizes.

Trevis Benchoff
10832 Durham Circle
Waynesboro, PA 17268#
Socks Shipping
2 $2.00
3 $2.50
4 $3.00
5 $3.50

A blast from the past!!

Just a little bit of history strait from 1995. My first custom bike brand new right after assembly at ABC. Wish I still had her. Yes that is 5" of drop from the seat to the bar no wonder I was so slow when I was doing anything downhill. Any one else got any pics of sweet old bike they used to own? Ibis, Wojeck, Fat Chance or any other cool old stuff? Post it and let us check it out and remember the start of the addiction.

As for one of the best biking saying I've hear to date "Burn Fat Not Oil RIDE!!"

Trying a 29er geared this time!!

Well thought I'd try that 29er thing again since I work at a Trek/Fisher dealer. The Fisher is WAY better than my Kona unit 29. The fisher is a lot stiffer and climbs 100% better. It hit the scale at 27lbs with a 17.5 inch frame. There are not to many places to cut weight but if I had to wheels and tires and I might save 1 lb. The first test ride went well last night at one of the harder riding spots in Omaha. I'll keep everyone posted.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This weeks ride

Thurs. Mont Alto 5pm...........Sunday Mont Alto 9am..........

Buck's first DH race in Keystone C.O.

First pic is off a small 2 foot rock drop, second is off a sweet double, and the third is through the rock garden at the start of the run. I got 3rd in beg. Took me 11:24 to go down the mountain. Pros were putting down 8's to win. I guess not to bad for my first DH race. One morning at Breakfast we ran into Travis Brown, he was racing SS in the XC race the next day. Kind of cool to run into people like that. Everyone needs to go out to CO to ride, it is just so sweet.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

NMBA RB winter st park ride

I chat with Kevin Bergman and crew up NMBA about their ride that got cancel a few weeks ago. They reschedule the picnic for this Sunday September 10th up RB Winter st. park 11am at Parker Dam picnic area.

I'm doing the laurel mt classic race up their saturday, so should be a good reason to stay for another great day of riding on sunday.


Monday, September 04, 2006

teaberry race ?

I saw you guys listed a post ride on the race course today. I did the hanover century with some road bikers so couldn't make ride. I was wondering how muddy or over grown the trails were today.