Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Buck's first DH race in Keystone C.O.

First pic is off a small 2 foot rock drop, second is off a sweet double, and the third is through the rock garden at the start of the run. I got 3rd in beg. Took me 11:24 to go down the mountain. Pros were putting down 8's to win. I guess not to bad for my first DH race. One morning at Breakfast we ran into Travis Brown, he was racing SS in the XC race the next day. Kind of cool to run into people like that. Everyone needs to go out to CO to ride, it is just so sweet.


Benchoff said...

Nice pic's. Here I thought you were strickly an XC weight weenie.

Buck said...

I still would have loved to have an XC bike out there. I just didn't have room to take them all. I would have even liked my road bike.