Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Trying a 29er geared this time!!

Well thought I'd try that 29er thing again since I work at a Trek/Fisher dealer. The Fisher is WAY better than my Kona unit 29. The fisher is a lot stiffer and climbs 100% better. It hit the scale at 27lbs with a 17.5 inch frame. There are not to many places to cut weight but if I had to wheels and tires and I might save 1 lb. The first test ride went well last night at one of the harder riding spots in Omaha. I'll keep everyone posted.


Benchoff said...

Looks like a Goober Clown bike with big tires to me.

rockn2ts said...

Not too bad. We had alot of 29" single speeders at RCST bash this pass weekend. I seen Surely, IF (I think that what shawn withers had, but couldn't tell because he out climbed everyone). I think the single speeder love it because it goes over rocks better.

Paul Kohnaus has obrea as well as one of the Altoona riders. I think the aluminum frames bouce you more, but it been awhile since I rode a hard tail. I hear they turn like a truck in the tight turns, so don't expect any good steering like on top of piney road (trail by huckleberry ATV trail).

I haven't seen anyone get one of those 6X9 bikes (26" back wheel and 29" front single speed). Does trek have a demo by chance?