Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sunday Ride 9-30

This Sunday we will get as far away from Teaberry as possible.
Ride is from Pine Grove Furnace Lot.
See you then!

Iron Cross Free Entries (YEAH!)

If you are interested in the free entries for the Iron Cross (If you are racing why wouldn't you be) please post in the comments or email me by 10/1/12. If we have more than 5 members interested names will be picked from a hat to select 5. Pre-reg closes on 10/4/12 so the 10/1 deadline will give us time to let individuals know who was selected for the free entries. If you are not racing please...please consider volunteering (see previous post). We would like to have 8 more volunteers. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Iron Cross 10/7 Checkpoint Volunteers

MBM is looking for volunteers to staff a checkpoint for the Iron Cross race on Sunday, October 7th. Previous years volunteers have reported having a good time. Also MBM has been given major kudos for running great checkpoints at past years Iron Cross races. Let's do it again this year. Please comment below if you are able to volunteer. Thanks! ***I should also note MBM gets 5 free entries and cash for helping out. The race will be here before we know it so please sign up to help out and make the checkpoint a success.***

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Anyone selling any mountain bikes?

A friend of mine is looking to buy a used mens mountain bike. He is looking to spend around 400 bucks. Anyone selling?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Teaberry Race is Sept 23rd.

The Terror of Teaberry Race is this Sunday. I think it will live up to its name this year.
The best of luck to everyone racing!!
MBM will have an EZ up near the finish. Stop by after the race.
See you there!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Trail maintenance

First thing- that jersey order with my sig was from Sue.

1-Wayne's trail has been maintained. That means that the logs are usable but may be considered 'flow killers'.
2-The old bridge on Buckets has been removed from the forest so Slowride is off the hook. That new bridge is quite the masterpiece! I have some free beer for the team that produced it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Teaberry Pre Ride Tomorrow

I am doing a preride tomorrow (Friday) around noon. Post if interested.

"Felony Lane"

UPDATE----Visitor Warning: Ongoing Criminal Activity in South Central Pennsylvania Parks and Forests

by Tuscarora State Forest on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 9:40pm ·
Since August 4th 2012, 5 state parks and 1 state forest picnic area in Perry, Cumberland, and Franklin Counties have repeatedly been targeted by an organized crime ring known as "Felony Lane".  During the course of 3 separate sprees windows in more than 15 vehicles have been broken out to steal items left in plain view.  Actors are usually black or Hispanic males operating lease vehicles from the south.  In the past cars displayed Florida and Tennessee tags.  Actors remove purses and utilize credit cards they steal.  They then hand personal information off to accomplice females matching the descriptions of the victims.  The females write checks to one victim from another victim's checkbook and cash thousands of dollars in checks at local and distant banks.  Checks from local victims have been cashed as far away as Indiana and New Hampshire. We are working closely with the State Police and authorities in other states to locate these individuals.  Park and forest visitors are urged to be aware of any suspicious activity.  Note license plate numbers and state of suspicious vehicles and report them to the nearest ranger or law enforcement office.  Do not leave valuable items in plain view and park in busy well lit areas if possible. 

UPDATE:  Leased vehicle with Tennessee tags observed at Fowler Hollow was turned in on Wednesday.  Suspect are now operating a black Infinity FX35 bearing PA registration GYZ8709.  This is most likely the vehicle they were in on Wednesday afternoon when they struck Little Buffalo and Colonel Denning. Be on the look out and please report any sightings or suspicious activity to local authorities.    

TeaBerry Race & Preride

I need a few people to help with the last checkpoint at the Teaberry race. Please use the email address at the right or post a comment and let me know if you can help.

We need someone to lead the ride this Sunday. Both Dave and I are out of town.
We were thinking it would be a Teaberry preride or post up.

Gotta Run?

One of our own members is making this happen. If you run you should check it out. I've added a link here: ROTC 10K 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mud Banks

I'm planning to ride from the mud banks tonight from 5:30-7:30 if anyone cares to join me. I might have my wife with me and if so, the ride will be slower than usual. Anyone is welcome to join me (us). Nothing crazy, gonna try for 8-12 miles depending if my wife comes along.


Jersey REorder interest?????????????????

There has been recent interest in doing a jersey Reorder. I would like to try NOT to use any club money so I would like to see two new sponsors to keep the cost down a bit. If you are interested in Sponsor ship at $250 let me know! 

I would like to order short and long sleeve jerseys. The long sleeve turned out SUPER SWEET!

If you are interested let me know. Before the order is placed I will need all orders PREPAID once we have the true cost since I am putting the order on my Credit Card.

Our MINIMUM interest has to be 10 short sleeve or 10 long sleeve to even consider the order!
Currently I have interest in 5 short sleeve and 3 long sleeve post up if your interested!

Please post what you would like. We don't need sizes yet!

trouble in the Shed

The below quote from Joe's recent post sums up the problem.
Over the last several month's MORE has received a number of concerning communications from officials regarding mountain biking in the watershed. In chronological order, these include:
  • MORE was emailed concerns from high level officials within DNR regarding mountain biking in the Watershed and potential impact to the land being managed as a wildlife management area. This was in response to internal DNR inquiries about mountain biking in the watershed prompted by DNR's trail coordinator.
  • Subsequently, as part of a response on our next trail reroute project for the Catoctin Trail we received detailed comments and concerns from DNR about mountain biking in general (i.e. not project related) which included comments about illegal trail building, concerns about protected species such as rattlesnakes and concerns about habitat destruction. As a result of these concerns, our current epic loop project is on hold. We are working to get this back on track.
  • Most recently, the City recently received a complaint from a citizen who came across users building trails. When this person talked to them they claimed to be with MORE. This person was not doing official MORE trail work and it is unknown if they were even a member. The citizen complained "riders are ripping rocks and trees up to construct miles of trail/ jumps/bridges" and users are posting directions to "local bike shops and website blogs".
Here's the link to the first post which kicked off pages of vitriol and typical MORE drama and hate Unfortunately, this was initiated by a couple of guys who have had so many fallings outs and ins with MORE over so many things over the past 5 years.  This will probably chase them away again,even though they were trying to be helpful.

The real point is that this could easily happen in the beloved Meeshow.

Don't assume from the 3rd bullet that the problem is jumps.  Read the whole thread if you want to understand the whole problem.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tuesday Evening Ride

Mud Banks at 5:30pm. This should be a relatively stout evening ride that will continue through darkness. The loop will take us up Dead Woman's Hollow as well, so break out your lights and your climbing legs!!! Rumor has it HOTDOG will be present!!!

Barbie Bike Upgrade! Go big or go home!

Just had to share Maddie's first bike upgrade! Sweet Avid lever!

Friday, September 07, 2012

Sunday Ride 9-9

Ride from Big Flat.
Ride time 9am.
Thinking of heading Scientology-way ... oh my, does that mean climbing Canada Hollow????????

I hear there's a moto shindig up there on Sunday. Any votes for alternate locations?
How about Caledonia and we'll head up Secret?

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Tonight's ride

Just thought I'd post up to see who is riding from Mont Alto tonight.

I'll be there.  5:00pm start unless somebody needs it later.  We've already lost enough daylight that a 5:30 start is beginning to look sketchy.  Get those lights ready people!

Hope to see a big bunch of riders this evening!  Please post if you are coming.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Thank you’s & Get your butt out to a ride!

Thank you to Dave, Jason & Ken for pulling me around the Shed today!  I had a blast!  (except for that uphill stretch).  I was really pleased that I could keep the waits to a minimum.  I was riding features that I couldn’t ride in the spring.  That brings me to the next thank you.
Thank you to MBM for the encouragement and patience on the Sunday rides!  My riding would not have improved without it.  I was grinning today after I cleared sections that I would have walked just a few months ago.  
A part of that was be due to Mike from the Rock Shox van that was at the enduro.  I’ve struggled to find the right suspension settings and Mike sent me out with some adjustments.  I didn’t get to fully test the new settings since I was stopping to pull arrows (especially on Four Logs and Turtle – thanks Buck).  Today I rode enough that I know the setup is spot on.  Thanks Mike! 
And finally: 
Get out to the MBM rides!  I hear too many other riders that worry they're not fast enough or good enough on the trails to come out.  Well you won’t get there not riding your mountain bike!  Get out and join us and you’ll get better, too!