Friday, September 07, 2012

Sunday Ride 9-9

Ride from Big Flat.
Ride time 9am.
Thinking of heading Scientology-way ... oh my, does that mean climbing Canada Hollow????????

I hear there's a moto shindig up there on Sunday. Any votes for alternate locations?
How about Caledonia and we'll head up Secret?


Jeremy said...

Boo. My bike is in the shop. Maybe I'll get "lucky" enough to get it back for the Sunday pre NFL climb/puke fest.

Anonymous said...

FYI: I think the Michaux Enduro is on Sunday starting from Big Flat.

drw said...

Oooooo. Well, then.
Shall we go south?
Perhaps Old Forge?
Maybe do Secret from Caledonia?

drw said...

Ride is caledonia at 9.
See you there.

H said...

I couldn't make it this week. Ironic, huh? I was too wiped out from the Cross Relay at the Farm in Marysville. For those of you that have cross bikes, you missed the best multi-lap cross event in the area ever! I paired up with Chad from the Mountainside gang and we had a blast! Don was out taking photos, too.

Jake said...

Hope you all had a good ride! I took the pup up to 2607(?) on Ridge Road. Does that connect to 1500 somehow? If so I missed it and ended up on Michaux, then road around on Ridge just to get the puppy used to staying with me.

Jeremy said...

Great ride in my opinion. Had a blast!

Howard said...

Hey Jake, I'll be bringing my big pup Samson out regularly here soon, now that the temps are cooling down. He's an experienced trail dog so maybe he could help keep your pup pointing in the right direction.