Sunday, September 02, 2012

Thank you’s & Get your butt out to a ride!

Thank you to Dave, Jason & Ken for pulling me around the Shed today!  I had a blast!  (except for that uphill stretch).  I was really pleased that I could keep the waits to a minimum.  I was riding features that I couldn’t ride in the spring.  That brings me to the next thank you.
Thank you to MBM for the encouragement and patience on the Sunday rides!  My riding would not have improved without it.  I was grinning today after I cleared sections that I would have walked just a few months ago.  
A part of that was be due to Mike from the Rock Shox van that was at the enduro.  I’ve struggled to find the right suspension settings and Mike sent me out with some adjustments.  I didn’t get to fully test the new settings since I was stopping to pull arrows (especially on Four Logs and Turtle – thanks Buck).  Today I rode enough that I know the setup is spot on.  Thanks Mike! 
And finally: 
Get out to the MBM rides!  I hear too many other riders that worry they're not fast enough or good enough on the trails to come out.  Well you won’t get there not riding your mountain bike!  Get out and join us and you’ll get better, too!


Jason said...

Great ride today Hans - glad you could join us!

Anonymous said...

I will pass this on to Mike

prophet said...

To those who are reading this blog and not coming out because you are afraid you'll inconvenience others Hans is right. C'mon out and ride. I was that person a few years ago. Pulling in to rest stops last. Losing sight of everyone on climbs. Feeling guilty that I was holding everyone up. The truth is us regulars love it when new people come out to ride. Don't expect us to ride at your pace but don't apologize for being slow either. We were all there once. Some of us have been there more than once! So, "Just Do It!"

CrashedAgain said...
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