Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Felony Lane"

UPDATE----Visitor Warning: Ongoing Criminal Activity in South Central Pennsylvania Parks and Forests

by Tuscarora State Forest on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 9:40pm ·
Since August 4th 2012, 5 state parks and 1 state forest picnic area in Perry, Cumberland, and Franklin Counties have repeatedly been targeted by an organized crime ring known as "Felony Lane".  During the course of 3 separate sprees windows in more than 15 vehicles have been broken out to steal items left in plain view.  Actors are usually black or Hispanic males operating lease vehicles from the south.  In the past cars displayed Florida and Tennessee tags.  Actors remove purses and utilize credit cards they steal.  They then hand personal information off to accomplice females matching the descriptions of the victims.  The females write checks to one victim from another victim's checkbook and cash thousands of dollars in checks at local and distant banks.  Checks from local victims have been cashed as far away as Indiana and New Hampshire. We are working closely with the State Police and authorities in other states to locate these individuals.  Park and forest visitors are urged to be aware of any suspicious activity.  Note license plate numbers and state of suspicious vehicles and report them to the nearest ranger or law enforcement office.  Do not leave valuable items in plain view and park in busy well lit areas if possible. 

UPDATE:  Leased vehicle with Tennessee tags observed at Fowler Hollow was turned in on Wednesday.  Suspect are now operating a black Infinity FX35 bearing PA registration GYZ8709.  This is most likely the vehicle they were in on Wednesday afternoon when they struck Little Buffalo and Colonel Denning. Be on the look out and please report any sightings or suspicious activity to local authorities.    


zero said...

good info larry.
a state police officer stopped and talked to us on sunday after he investigated 3 or 4 break-ins at colonel denning. guess we dodged the bullet. i was thinking these were only happening on weekends but i guess not.


Anonymous said...

I thought Felony Lane was Mooch's "acting" name and his line was: "Did someone order pizza?"

Anonymous said...

^^ well done!