Monday, September 30, 2013

Iron Cross results

A huge thank you to Mike Kuhn and the crew and their families for spending days and days planning, putting on and cleaning up an awesome race! Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make this race happen and thank you to the support crews and sponsors! Without all these people that love cycling so much, we wouldn’t have awesome racing!

We had quite a few MBM’ers out there “enjoying” the race.

In the “100K”:
Ladies first: Alicia finished (with her bearded Birdman on his single speed!) with a very respectable time and with the gutsiest performance of the day!

Ralph P led the MBM pack with an impressive ride. He took an hour off of last years’ time after he raced the Three Peaks ultracross the week before!
Dave W. powered to the finish with a flat tire! Does anything slow him down?
Trevis rounds out the sub 6 hour rides!
Ben C. with a strong first time ride! Rode all of Lippencote on his cross bike!
Mike D – someone update me on Mike please

In the 50K:
Dave R with a victory in the single speed category!
Dale with a third place finish in the 40+!
And I finished with a fifth place in the 40+!

Thanks again to all that made this happen!


RJ said...

Thanks Hans !!! Congrats to all the finishers. It was a great day in Michaux. Thanks to MBM for the aid station and course support. That is one tough ass race !!! Can't wait for next year. !!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hans! Mike was my rock! Thanks to all the volunteers, MBM, and all the friendly faces greeting me at the finish line:-) A hard earned finish and another check on the bucket list. -Alicia