Monday, August 04, 2008

North Michaux Tuesday Night Trail Maintenance

I'd like to clear some stuff Tuesday evening, and could use at least one other person to help me out...for two reasons, I'd rather not be out in the woods by myself with implements of motorized dismemberment and I have two powertools and not enough hands. If we get more hands, we'll take hand loppers, saws and rakes along, too. Fun for everyone.

Goals--Dynamite Shed, Bunker Hill, downhill connector from Ridge to Bunkerhill (open it up and remove some more pave time), and last on the list, new ridgetop stuff off the top of Michaux. Do as much as we have time or energy for. We'll move the vehicles at least once, mabe twice to minimize hike time to all the spots.

Any takers?

My house, 5:00-ish.

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