Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mountain Bikers of Shedrick

Dona, focusing on one of the slab highway sections.

Dan, trusting my words, that the other side is ramped too.


clownbike said...

Is that ICEBERG? If so lets hear it, how does it stack-up against Mackey Run?

Today I realized that mountain bikers are waaaay more fun than motorcyclists. I'm feelin sorry that I missed THE SHED.

travis said...

I haven't done Iceberg, but having built the Big Mac and having covered all of Michaux and most parts of the shed, I would have to say there are much harder moves out there than what you find on Mackey (Think Heaven or Hell). That being said, its the constant sequential hard moves that make the Big Mac hard as hell. If you could separate each part, it would be much easier. But put five to ten moves that are fairly hard back to back like what you would find at the end of Mackey,....then you got one hard addicting ride! I still can't clean it all at once! If your familiar with climbing grades, sometimes the route gets the grade from the crux move, and sometimes the sustained effort. The Big Mac is a combination of both that leans a little more towards the latter. If Iceberg has that constant sustained effort, someone please tell me how to find it!

camps said...

I heard a few folks say they thought Iceberg was more ridable than HorH or Mackey.

pabiker said...

Difficult to compare HorH to Iceberg. HorH is a one-way trail and Iceberg is a two-way trail that makes a significant difference in what you can and can't build into the design of a trail.

Iceberg also serves as a link between the other two nicest pieces of technical singletrack in the Shed: Salamander, and Rock Candy.

I would also add that those folks you refer to weren't riding so perhaps they should say "seems more rideable". Many folks got pieces of it, a few got more of it, but no-one got all of it. That is the beauty of any good technical trail, it gives you enough to make you wanna come back again and again.

That said: it wasn't supposed to be "the hardest trail", but rather a unique connector between other great trails. I have yet to ride Mackey Run.

gwadzilla said...

I need to get out to the shed!