Monday, September 01, 2008

Mackey Rerun

Today was a great ride considering it was on Mackey. Everybody in the group tried the big obstacles several times. I started the day with the intension of counting my dabs. I quit counting at five and I'm sure 20 more followed. This is one of those trails that once you loose your groove it can be very had to get back in it.

The rocks claimed one of Joel's pedals but he still made it look easy.

Paul finally got a day off to ride with us.

Chuck tried every obstacle until he cleaned it, except this one. He gave it a couple tries but just didn't have enough rear tire for the job.

And to top it off we went back to Rob's to party. Rob's place is simply awesome. Pool, hot tub, waterfall, huge patio and perched on a mountain top with an amazing view. If you missed this party you need to kick yourself.

And Rob your playlist was great.

Thanks for having us and I hope to see you back on the trails soon. Jody


brett said...


camps said...

Yea, nice shots,
still can't wait to get back on that trail

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Rob and Chuck! The ride and after-ride BBQ were awesome.

dennis said...

Sorry If this is in the wrong place.I recently found your site and am not a member,but I was wondering if anyone was going to pre ride Teaberry 50 this weekend. I could ride Sat or Sun morning.I expect to avg about 8mph.My email Address is or 717 965 7426.Thanks Dennis I am from Hanover.

dirtygirlmagnet said...

That trail rocked! I can't wait to ride it again when I've got some better mojo (no suspension). The after party was stellar. Thanks again to Rob for hosting, and to Chuck for organizing. My toes are scabbing up nicely from scraping the bottom of the deep end from the "clif" jump. Any pictures to publish yet?