Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hey Kids
Stump had an idea that I liked so If you don't tell Stump. But be easy on him because he has a hard time keeping friends as we all have seen. This Sunday we will meet at Caledonia at the parking lot as usual. We will ride up secret trail and for the not so timid do raccoon run and a couple trails on top. We will then go back down Secret. Ride time will be 9am.


clownbike said...

I'll be there fur shur. That's a great ride for a single speed.

pabiker said...

Great ride. Secret down to Totem Pole is one of the finest trail finishes anywhere. Raccoon Run is riding pretty nice these days as well.

Josh said...

Hopefully I can make it. I nearly made last weeks ride, but my alarm forgot to go off after I hit snooze. Oops!

Anonymous said...

Where's the parking lot? Where you turn in to go to Caledonia? I'll try to make it too.

stumphumper said...


The parking lot is right at the corner of US 30 and 233. You can't miss us if you get to that intersection!!

Josh said...

Had a great time guys! I need to bleed the rear brake, it definitely appears that I boiled the fluid on that rocky downhill. The brake has been useless since. Hopefully I will have some new fluid w/in the next few days so I can fix it.