Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Congrats Jason

Congrats Jason! Our very own Jason finished 2nd in the 25 mile Vet class in the Michaux End. Series. Great Job!


yellowjekyll said...

I have a picture of Jason at the finish line I will put up when I figure out how.

Let's hear more from the other racers I'd like to know how your races went!

Since this was my first race I started off 2 classes back from my Vet class to avoid being passed like a punk in the early going. I caught my class and finished 49th out of 65. Had a blast! Finished in 2:06. I'll be going back to ride that loop again and keep working at it until I can get my time down to 1:30 something so I can be competitive next year.

Jason McConnell said...

Thanks for the compliment Dave. I think we all suffered more than we wanted to especially in the second half of the race. If I never see another off camber slippery rock again that probably still will be to soon. Sucker punch was definatley named appropriatly. Thanks to Jodys wife and Dale for supporting everyone at the water stations and Rob M. for the off course support. Thanks again!!!