Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Couple Iron Cross VI Volunteer spots!

Yeah, you'll get tired of me.

We have two more spots that really need volunteers--both gates on the deer exclosure fence on Rattlesnake Ridge off of Michaux Road. DCNR is kind enough to open the big gates for our race, but they require us to have someone at the gates at all times to prevent deer from wandering in. Those pesky Al Quaeda (whtever) terrorist deer.

These spots can be driven to if you have a 4x4 and you can bring an EZ-up, camp chair, drinks, a book, music, whatever to pass the time. This position is probably about 3-4 hours of sitting since the pack is so spread out by that point in the race. Heck, bring a friend and play horseshoes.

If we don't have people to staff the gates, we can't have the deer fence open and that will add another nice twist to the race course....


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