Monday, September 08, 2008

Takin' My Drugs

Saw the surgeon this morning... I have a pretty serious fracture that will be plated this Wednesday at Robinwood Surgery center. I quickly got in to see an orthopedic surgeon this morning, thanks to Dona. If everything goes well, I will be in a walking cast 2 weeks post surgery and the Doc said I may be back on the bike at 8 weeks. Thanks again for everyone's help. I'll try not to be too hard on Mike, but he is already whining about having to learn how to do the laundry. He said "we have lots of clothes don't we?" Well, it's time for more drugs.... Later


Scott said...

Very sorry to hear of your injury! What happened?


Scott said...

Ok, read the explanation further down the blog. Here is wishing you a speedy recovery!


CrashedAgain said...

Hi Skinny

Figures...your riding skills are legendary, so you get hurt walking. Next time, stick to riding!

I hope you feel well soon and I look forward to our next ride.


Chief said...

You going to share any of those drugs???

Buck said...

Fell better soon Sue! Let me know if you need to barrow some Mountain Bike video's!! Seasons is a good one!