Thursday, September 18, 2008

Iron Cross VI Call for Volunteers

Hey, guys,
Iron Cross VI is fast approaching and we still have volunteer slots left to fill. Would anyone be willing to help out with a fun day in the woods? I'll be running Sweep vehicle all day but we still need some other key people:
Photo 1 transport
Photo 2 transport
Road marshal (Milesburn Rd.)
Lead vehicle (could also be photo transport)
Food helper Sunday
Merchandise sales
Prize table set-up
Beyond this, I am still looking for one or two people to help with course marking and demarking--Friday is key if you can afford a day off work! A race like this takes a ton of people to run and great volunteers are the only thing that keeps it going.
The race website is updated, too, so check it out.
Leave a comment or email me if you want to help out. Thanks!


clownbike said...

I'd like to help with course marking if you still need someone.
I've never done the Iron Cross and think this would be a great way to learn the course.
email me

brett said...

Thanks, Jody--expect an email!

Anonymous said...

Bret, 90% sure I can be there to help. email me: