Monday, September 08, 2008

pump track build next week!

Here are a couple shots of the site. The boro has already been doing some of the prep work. B4 Consulting will be here next week, Monday-Friday, and the track should be finished and riding by Thursday and Friday.

If anyone can spare a day or half-day off work Tues, Weds, or Thurs, we'd love to have your help.


dirtygirlmagnet said...

I'm definitely interested in helping out. What times during the day will someone be on site? I have pretty irregular work hours, but might be able to take a half day off.

also, can you post directions or an address for the location?

pabiker said...

Exciting. Is that site near the bike trail? Are the Roy Pitz boys sponsoring the pump track completion party?

camps said...

We'll be there all day Tues-Fri. Come whenever you can.

The location is at the corner of King St & Hood St., behind the wall. Parking off of Hood.

try this map

Scott said...

Tue.-Fri meaning 9/9 through 9/12 or 9/16 through 9/19?

camps said...

Next week, 9/16