Wednesday, October 01, 2008

adventure race

Anyone doing the upcoming Michaux Team Challenge?


dennis said...

Yes I have a team for this race.I did it last year and it was lots of fun,especially the run up the creek.

brett said...

Donna just got a team together from her work. It's a shame they decided to kill the 12-hour division this year. We did that last year.

clownbike said...

Are you looking for teammates?
I've kicked the idea around but I'm a terrible runner.

camps said...

No, I'm not looking. I'm a terrible paddler.

Maybe Brett is looking?

I may consider volunteering.

brett said...

In the big rubber busses you have to paddle in this race, everyone's a terrible paddler. Don't sweat it!

I'm not racing this. May gadfly about the course, not sure yet. The people who organize it are good folk.