Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blue Knob ride Nov. 2

Posted for Mike Mucker & LHORBA

We will ride at Blue Knob with friends from the Pittsburgh area on Sunday
Nov. 2nd. Even though we will all be riding together I am putting together 3
ride options. Which one you pick will depend on how much climbing you want
to do and how many miles you want to ride. All options will include riding
all the Resort Side trails, and on the State Park side: Lookout, Roller
Coaster and Rock N Ridge to the bottom. We can shuttle you back to your car
if you did not start at Pavia Run.

Here are the options. All times listed are ride times not meet times.

1. 10:15AM at Pavia Run Pavilion. Climb Crist Ridge and Chappell Fields
to meet up at Sawmill/Chappell Fields.

2. 11:00AM at the Sawmill / Chappell Fields Trailhead on the right
side. Climb Mountain View and Three Springs to meet at the top of the ski

3. 11:45AM at the parking lot at the top of the ski lifts.


November 2nd at Blue Knob can be anything from 60 degrees and sunny to 30
degrees with rain, snow and high winds. It is a good idea to check your
favorite weather site so that you know how to dress for this ride. Blue Knob
State Park and Resort can be found on

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