Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fall PA MTB Summit, Oct. 18-19

Hey, everyone, the Fall PA MTB Summit is being held on October 18 and 19 at our house in Northern Michaux. MTB club reps, industry reps, people in the know, and other hangers-on get together to talk about what we can do for mountain biking across the state, share info, see what the state of the union is, and, of course, ride.

There will be group rides on Saturday at noon from our house, probably three groups--a Women's Ride (but guys can go, too) led by Donna, and two other groups. I'm leading one and Chuck B. was kind enough to say he would lead another one if need be.

The meeting will be around 4:00 or so, if anyone wants to stay for it.

On Sunday, we plan to ride from Big Flat at around 10:00, with groups to be determined based on attendance. A second Women's Ride is a possibility if there is interest.

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