Monday, October 13, 2008

Iron Cross Lite

At the Lil' Belgians Race of Iron Cross Lite, MBM was represented by 3 of our youngest members.

Big THANK YOU to Michele Mark, who when not navigating the Spiral of Death, was busy helping me in the kitchen all day.

the Lil' ones enjoying their podium time

The Lil' ones want to grow up to be as fast as this guy.


Chief said...

I'd like to hear more about your day at the Iron Cross for all those that made the ride. I was puppy sitting.

camps said...

I had a blast coming down Lippencote, cleaning it on skinny tires to the wild hoots of the MBM group riding up on their Sunday ride.

OK..., so maybe there were no wild hoots, but it was a fun descent, and cool seeing friends along the way...