Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mont Alto cleanup

Bruce Kessler, Morgan Styer, Steve Seeber and I went up to Mont Alto this morning to ride and see what kind of clean up needs to be done after last weekend's ice storm. Our hopes of ridng were quickly snuffed out. The place looks like a war zone. There are trees down everywhere, even across Staley Road.

Portions of the Park Trail need to be rerouted due to trees being uprooted. There are just large craters where the trail used to be.

Thanks to Bruce's chainsaw and our other wood cutting weapons we were able to reopen all of Lower Buckets. It took us about 3.5 hours just to get that done! It's going to take awhile to open all the trails around Mont Alto if the damage we saw today is spread throughout the area.

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pabiker said...

Nice work. See you at Mont Alto tomorrow. Larry and I cleared out Connector Trail and lower Abigail this morning.