Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Night Ride Fever

Michaux's winter Tuesday night rides have begun. Powerful lights, warm clothes, and advanced riding abilities are a must! Every Tuesday throughout the winter at 6pm - email or comment for details. To give you a rough idea - we ride up Connector, up Abigail, back Camp 2 and Camp 1 (backwards) down Lollipop in the dark during snowstorms. Great trails, great times, suit-up and come out.

There are also indoor winter training rides in Chambersburg on Tuesdays & Thursdays; and, of course, regular Sunday morning MBM rides; again, email for details.



JohnP said...

Where do these rides meet? And who do you email if you want to go?

pabiker said...

The Tuesday night ride meets at the parking area off of 233 near the small bridge over Long Pine creek coming out of the Chambersburg reservoir. Roughly 3 miles north on 233 from route 30 - on the left hand side.

Anonymous said...

hi, your night ride route looks like it might be a nice short day ride for these colder times, it looks like a gps log file, any chance I could be a copy of the file so I don't get lost? thanks, D

mtbikedroid at yahoo dot com ... i don't seem to find any one'e email address to send this request to