Monday, May 24, 2010

DirtFest ride report

DirtFest was a lot of fun. I got there Friday, parked at the Five Points trail head and hit Stoney to Doe to Switch down to the fest area. I talked to several vendors while they were setting up and was offered lots of swag like bottles, stickers, etc.

The registration table was handing out Stans sealant and really nice laminated pocket maps of the trail system. The maps came in handy and are definitely keepers.

Friday night was a band and beer tasting. Great weather and a good time had by all. The only areas well lit were the beer tent and band tent. I frequently had to recharge my glow in the dark beer mug under the lights near the tap. I recall that worked out even better than expected!

I hit the trails Saturday with the MBMVP and his family. Lots of families were there.

I took the long travel bike for lack of anything else in operable condition and had a great time. The suspension loaded up at the bottom of the humps and helped launch the bike over the next one. Minimal pedal effort except on climbs. Lots of people but plenty of room. Trails were mostly dry and in good shape despite rain earlier in the week. I encountered no traffic jams slowing the trails at all. Most people were riding up the road and down the trails. It worked out well.

The Hydro Loop intersection seemed to be the congregation point. Hydro was one way and people were hanging out, riding loops and socializing.

I headed home Saturday afternoon just as the rain set in.
My phone doesn't have a flash so none of the pics I took Friday night came out. Sorry.

I think the trails have great flow. I think it is possible to go through entire sections with very little pedal input. Other areas make you pay for it. I had a great time. I will go back.

Thanks to everyone who made it happen.