Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fork and Rear shock tuning

Found a very good article on PUSH Industries! If you have a rear shock or a fork that needs rebuilt they are at the top of my list. It looks like they are at the top of Mountain Bike Actions list to! Check out the article:

They are on Facebook too!


BigE said...

I notice alot of bike shops are sending your rear shock to rebuild.

Mountain side sports said it easier to have them do the work because of all the different rear shocks. Holmes does this as well since the cost is not much. They even encourage you to go through mail order to get work done.

i'm not sure how many people need to send their fork to get rebuild. i mainly just need oil change and new seals (every 2 years).

Anonymous said...

Changing the seals and oil on time in any fork or shock is easy as pie. However, most forks and shocks aren't maintained when they should be. So if something has been neglected and stancions are worn, or glide rings are melted, then they need to be replaced. Problem is, there are thousands of parts out there in the world that would need to sit on a shelf waiting for that worn out fork or shock to show up.

Bottom line is: any bike shop with a mechanic worth your time can rebuild any fork/shock. Can or will any bike shop stock all needed parts at a sensible price? Fuck no.

Get your seals changed on time at the local shop. Pay in beer.

Ignore your suspension until it breaks. Send to Push. Pay in cash.

-Paul Doty

BigE said...

I try to get a bike shop to replace my oil on fork every 100 hours use. I do it twice a year because my fork works better that way. i got 5 years out of my fox 2003 fork and only did seals and oil with that method (seals 2 time replace). i paid $450 for the fork and sold it for $100 (had it one 3 bikes).

now for the rear shock I do it once a year and had good luck with world cup able to rebuild mine (seal kit and change oil).

Problem is most shops don't want to perfrom that work since the part kit $26 on a fox (rp2 or rp23). It usually cost me $60 to have it done at world cup.

There mechanics move on to other jobs so I may not have that option anymore. This means the lbs who repair my shock and I trust doesn't work at the shop means I'm back on trust someone knows what they're doing.

I had 2 lock down shocks happen after rebuild on rp2 and rp23. That guy doesn't work in the shop anymore, but his replacement I had good luck with.

Point is if you send you shock to plush and it doesn't work then you got to send it back. Meaning it take a month. Lee at WC just loaned me a shock until he fixed my problem when I had the 2 lock downs.

That's why I like the lbs doing the work, but it hard to find one who willing to do the work. They complain too much changes and they don't want to keep up with the repairs special tools.

I know the cannondale lefty the mechanics get training on each year in order to repair and rebuild them. World cup has to service those since they are the only one qualified to work on the forks. The seal kits aren't too cheap anymore on them.

As for tuning I hear hit and misses on the plush work. i had a 2008 fox fork 130mm which never gave me full travel. I wouldn't send it to plush because fox may had a bad design on the fork which never gave the full stroke.

I don't think plush could guarantee that they could resolve my problem. After 3 years the fork out dated and the new ones are 140mm would be better option.

I happy with the reba fork since they go full travel every ride. I'm still seeing some reviews on mtbr that new fox fork don't all got full travel for 140mm.


Slowride said...

Wash your bike, wipe it off and then drink beer while spending time with it in the garage. Then your bike will be happy and happy bikes don't break down : )

Buck said...

I agree any shop worth anything should easily be able to rebuild your fork BUT like you said most parts are not stocked.

Anonymous said...

I see your point Emory. I often forget how bike shops in that part of the world operate. Also how that was an influencing factor in my moving west.

I'll rebuild 2-3(in the off season, 10-12 in the summer)fox float rears a week at $40 parts and labor each.

I can't say enough good things about the work done at Push in Loveland, CO. Those guys work some magic!