Saturday, March 03, 2012

Racks for sale

Used Yakima roof racks for sale:

Rack 1
2 - 48" cross bars
4 - Q Towers with SKS lock cores

Rack fits sedan type cars (mine was installed on VW Jetta) with no existing factory rack. May require different Q-clips than I have to work on your vehicle.

Rack 2
2 - 48" cross bars
4 - Control towers

Rack fits cars with existing roof rails. May need additional hardware to fit your vehicle.

Post up if you're interested. Then you can check them out and we can talk price. I'm a lousy negotiator so you'll probably get it all for a great price.


RJ said...

Will rack number 2 fit a mini van with roof racks?

RJ said...

I meant roof rails....

Anonymous said...

Most likely. It may require a different piece to mount to rails. Mine came off a Jeep Cherokee.

RJ said...

Cool. Email me at ralphatspringrisedotcom and we can figure out a time to check out your rack........i mean your bicycle rack.