Friday, October 11, 2013

Sunday gravel grinder

I'll lead a gravel road ride this Sunday since the trails are soaked.  Let’s start at 9am at Pine Grove Furnace (see map links on right sidebar).  I have a 27 mile loop in mind that can be cut short for those that are pressed for time or have had enough riding.  The loop is up Bendersville to Slate to Piney Mountain Ridge Rd to Huckleberry to Big Flat Atv to Shippensburg Rd to Ridge Rd all the way to Cold Springs Rd to Pine Grove Rd and then back through the park.  You can cut it short along Ridge Rd and return to the park via Michaux Rd or 233.  Bring your cross bikes or hardtails and save some trails!

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H said...

Five of us had a nice ride today. We did cut the ride short as the rain got stonger. Thanks for coming out.