Friday, January 24, 2014


Sunday, 9am...ish, Mud Banks. THIS IS NOT AN MBM RIDE! Free toe warmers while supplies last.


drw said...

I don't understand.
Why is it not an MBM ride?

Donut King said...

It's not an MBM ride because there is no insurance, no official ride leader, no official sweep rider. Anyone is welcome to come. The club hasn't posted a ride for awhile so I thought maybe folks would like to get out for a snow ride.

drw said...

What does this word 'official' mean?
Why post this as a non-MBM ride?
What, exactly, is wrong with an MBM ride?

Donut King said...

What does official mean: the ride will not be structured like a typical MBM ride. The person leading the ride might not be an MBM member. The ride will not be covered by MBM insurance.
Why post as a non-MBM ride: so people don't expect a typical MBM ride with insurance and a club ride leader etc.
What exactly is wrong with an MBM ride: nothing if that's the kind of ride you like. This is not intended to be a slam on MBM or MBM ride leaders, I was just offering a ride option since the club didn't post one.
Anyone is welcome to show up. So let's say someone shows up that's grossly unprepared for the ride. Since this is not an MBM ride, whatever my response to that situation might be, my actions will not be scrutinized by MBM or it's officers. Just an example.

drw said...
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Chris Bratthauar said...

Fun snow ride today. Glad I ventured out to do a little two wheeled skiing. Thanks.