Friday, February 16, 2007

Ice Tires

Well,I just finished up my new set of killer ice tires and took them for a spin across the ice rink that is my yard.
I had to put Bytor and Snowdog to sleep(for those who don't know ,they were the first pair of ice tires).They each suffered from siderot and severe ugliness.
You to can enjoy the rush of icecycling and add 5 lbs of Heavy Metal to your treasured steed.
They're made from a pair of Maxxis Swampthings and about $14 in hardware.
48-6/32 screws
blue locktight
2 hours worth of elbow grease

Now all that's left is to coax some gullable saps to go along with me tommorow------
Mont Alto/2pm


They worked awesome.90% of the trails are crusted on top to where you ride on top of the snow/ice.
I had a really fun ride today.Cruising along with the Ipod Shuffle kicking the tunes and the Salsa gliding above the rocks!
Fireroads are good,not icy and plenty of traction.
Whoever comes tommorow should have tall knobbies at least,if not studded tires.Some spots where the sun hits it(melt/refreeze) are solid ice.
You also have to beware of the sudden collapse of crust that happens in the areas that have more tree cover.----I experienced this phenomena several times at speed today.Let's just say I got in some "learn how to fall" intervals.

TWT --3:15


Buck said...

Could you get a pic up??

redline said...

how was your ride

Buck said...

Looks great!! I want to try it with some 2.7 DH tires. They have good square tread and I think would hook up well. Let me know how the ride is on sunday!!