Sunday, February 25, 2007

MBM Annual Meeting Update

The annual MBM meeting was held as scheduled on Feb 25th.

Those attending included: Trevis Benchoff, Mike Witter, Sue Witter, Wayne Benedict, Chris Bratthauar, Joel Moats, Bruce Kessler, Martin Kell, Aaron Himelfarb, Dale Fitzsimmons, Rob Mazzei, Morgan Styer & Hillary Styer.

Trevis reported 65 members in 2006. It was decided to e-mail club membership renewal notices in lieu of using mailed letters. Club dues bank deposits will continue to be handled by Trevis and Dona. Several email notices will be sent out as reminders to renew memberships. A deadline of May 1, 2007 was agreed upon to pay 2007 dues.

The treasurer reports a balance of $1413.29. Some of this will be spent on lumber for a new bridge on the 'Middle Narrows' and the balance along with incoming dues will allow new jerseys to be purchased next year for very little cost to members.

Mike Witter agreed to figure out lumber costs for this new bridge.

147.5 hrs of trail maintenance was reported to DCNR for 2006- up from 127 in 2005. The goal for 2007 is 200 hrs. Colonel Weistling also needs to be cleaned up after clear cutting and there are several blow downs in the Old Forge area.

There are no jersey or sock purchases planned for 2007.

The club will renew it's IMBA membership for 2007.

Dale will continue to coordinate the regular Sunday morning and Thursday after work rides, but after May 1, 2007 the ride info will be on the blog only. All other rides should be submitted to the blog also.

Elections: Aaron was elected 'Trail Maintenance Boss'
Dona will continue the Treasurer's post
Sue will continue as Secretary
Dale 'Ride Czar'
Morgan was elected our new Vice President
Chris Bratthauar is our new MBM President!

Meeting adjourned

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