Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hibernia Race Report

Hibernia STXC ahr-166 mhr-176

Expert A-Raced against Ryan Leech,Wes Schempf,Ray Adams,Kyle Hammaker,Nathan Diebert,Zach Adams,Martin Kell,etc…

Couldn't match the starting acceleration of the leaders.Settled into a groove and started clawing people back after the second lap or so.Passed one of the riders and was reeling in Tim Messersmith from Trek-but as the bell lap sounded everybody on the whole course seemed to surge ahead with one last attack and I lost hold on Messersmith.I attacked as well but still wasn't able to keep from getting lapped by the two leaders(Leach and Hammaker) 50 yards from the finish line.--------yay I wasn't last!!!!

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