Friday, April 06, 2007

Ride Report - Where have all the cyclists gone?

Riders: Sue Witter, Chris Bratthauar

So it's a bit windier and colder than usual for this time of year...maybe 20 degrees or so with 20+ mph winds. I expected the ride to be lightly attended on Thursday night, but figured someone would show up. At 4:45 pm I was the only one in the parking lot and I was starting to think that the Thursday night ride location had changed without me knowing.

Then Witter's YUV (yuppie utility vehicle) slinked into the lot. Whew, I thought, atleast I don't have to ride in the cold by myself tonight. We both got dressed in enough gear for a January ride and headed out.

Once we got moving it was relatively easy to stay warm on the climbs but the descents were a bit chilly. Two hours on a cold Thursday night and we packed it in. We got back to the cars right about 7 pm with the temperature dropping along with the little sunlight that was left.

Hopefully, as the weather warms, the rest of the Thursday night crew will turn up.

Happy Easter!

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