Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ride Report

Sunday August 19th
Ride Leader: Dave Wilson
Arrived at Mont Alto parking lot with a mild drizzle starting. Forecast showed rain for the entire day. The lone member of my ride group was Jason McConnell--new to MBM, having just met Sue the week before. After waiting a few minutes for stragglers (there were none), we headed up the road to begin our ride with the rain becoming more steady. The ride leader was the only one who knew the trails so we were limited in the trails at our disposal. We ascended what i know as Lower Buckets up to the gasline. The weather was really cooperating, just a slight drizzle with little effect on the trail conditions. We proceeded to cross Hearth Trail and head up the roads to descend Four Logs and what i know as Wayne's Trail--i think i may have missed a turn somewhere in this section, because we finished that pretty quickly. We then climbed Turtle and headed back out to Staley for a trip back from whenst we came--across Hearth and down Lower Buckets. It was a beautiful morning for a ride with no mechanicals and only one wreck (me, on hearth . . . but i think i'll be alright, if you're worried--thanks for being worried . . . but really, i'll be fine, and my bike is ok, too . . . ). New guy Jason was a great ride partner--be sure to meet him in the future--and Sue, i think we've got him for the Iron Cross. I'm hoping to be more regular at rides now--was a busy summer for everyone, i believe. Hope to see you all on the trails!
Dave Wilson


stumphumper said...

Nice write up Dave. Sorry I couldn't be there with you as my recent injury has me confined to the road bike. I rode by the parking lot about 12:30 expecting to see someone but I guess you guys were already done. I was finishing up wet 73 mile ride. Hope to see you on the trails again soon!

pabiker said...

I like that you climbed Turtle - that is a fun challenge.

briand said...

Anyone going to be around Michaux this weekend?