Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

The Sunday Mont Alto MBM ride is a classic, like bread and butter, salt and pepper, shake and bake, etc. - today was no exception. Mike, Martin, Rob, Bruce, and I were happy that the morning was cool and the humidity level was lower the preceding couple of days.

I broke my derailleur hanger on the way up the shelf, took two links out of my chain, and threw SRAM speedlink in before climbing up Black Andes to the gas line. We then took Sweeper up to the Besecker Gap Road then back down to Staley.

Bruce smiling at the top of Sweeper.
Martin and Rob contemplate the granny gear-ness of the ride thus far - no single-speeders on this one. Down Staley and climb the top of Turtle to Wayne's Highway over to Middle Narrows and climb up the ditch to Trees of Tomorrow/Lee's Rocks. Heaven or Hell has a gate meant to let riders know what is to come. After a couple attempts, Martin and Mike sent it.

Then we hit the Ramp. The Levels of Hell and some other moves
deposited us at the nice overlook facing Mont Alto where we snapped some pictures:

Went down the lower narrows then up Wayne's Trail to Turtle, which upon Rob's suggestion, we climbed to Staley, then blasted Charcoal Hearth over to Wirt Road. We then took the Buckets back down to Staley and ended by riding out the Park Trail.

See you next time.

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David said...

Thanks for the writeup and pictures! Makes me really wish i were there--we need a little more of that this summer. hope to see you on the trails soon.