Thursday, April 10, 2008

Free Race at Greenbrier

If you volunteer on the Saturday before, or on race day, you can race for free. Greenbrier site
They also need help for trail maintenance this Sunday, 13th.

With this and the Raystown work, we have lots of opportunities for laboring. And in our own house, we still want to get Spooge re-opened. Trevis & Dale made some initial progress on flagging that yesterday. Thanks guys.

contact me for the Greenbrier work

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Matt McLaughlin said...

To Camps,

I am a reporter with the Record Herald out of Waynesboro, covering Washington and Quincy townships.

I was handed some information on the MBM and asked to pursue a feature story on the group. I have not been given any contact information, and at this point the contacts I have managed to dig up have led to dead ends.

From what I can gather from MBM's blog you seem to be one of the heads of this group.

I have also noticed you have done a lot of posts concerning trail maintenance. I am very interested in how the group helps with that.

If you and your group would be interested in a story please contact me at or 717-762-2151 or I apologize for the spam.


Matt McLaughlin
The Record Herald