Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pump Track meeting May 8th 7:00 PM (Thurs.)

Second meeting with the Chambersburg Recreation Board to document the chosen location of the pump track in the boro. We need about 8-10 people to come with me to the meeting. You don't need to speak, but you are certainly welcome to. This is mainly to show that someone other than myself is interested in a pump track (someone else is, right??).

note the lack of pedaling

The Rec. Director said it would be great if a majority of us are boro residents or business people. Working in the boro counts too. Also, parents and kids who would like a pump track would be great.

The chosen location is along the rail-trail along Hood Street, a block north of King Street.
I'll be pinging some of you directly for your help. Anyone who'd like to attend, please e-mail me.


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