Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The Chambersburg Pump Track project needs support. MBM President, Larry Camp, is personally heading up this project and has asked for member feedback on two issues: first, a club donation to the project and second, a commitment to help maintain the track.

It is important to remember that this is a municipal project NOT a club project.

As a result, the club has no future financial obligations and according to the Chambersburg Recreation Department and others - no liability exposure.

Please see the Chambersburg Pump Track Blog for a video, more information, and to make a individual donation.



Anonymous said...

How many times are we going to maintain Michaux?

clownbike said...

Hey anonym-ass, I love doing trail work. Give me a call when YOU want to come along.
Jody Eberly

T said...

Hey, give them a break.....for once anonymous has a point.

There has not been any organized MBM trail work done in a long time.
There have been plenty of individuals working but no major group efforts.

camps said...

I will be very glad when it's Fall, the track is done, and I can get away from being the Mountain Biker of Chambersburg and focus on the trails.

I've been out on Spooge a lot lately, looking at the flagging, found an interesting new trail someone (horsers?) put it, and looking at the various ways to get off of Spooge.

The annual horse event, being so wet this year, has left us with even more options for where to focus our work. The horser has even offered to assist us by trying to drain (pipe) that trail behind the golf course.

I wonder if we'll need another poll to decide which trails we should work on next? We have logged 66 hours of work so far (everyone, send me your hours). The Gettysburg crew have been busy lately in the area behind and above Old Forge, Rocky Ridge-south, Mackey Run etc. There will be some new stuff in September.

Anonymous said...

Hey "t" I'd say you missed anonymous' point (which was weird). How many times? Well, I sort of thought that MBM would maintain the trails in Michaux forever. While I've done my share, a little more organization from the club would be welcome. See - no bitching, no we didn't do this or that, just that we could do more. It's all about positioning. Get it? Are you saying that we should have more major group efforts? Then just say it and drop the whining.

clownbike said...

I'm really biting my tongue here. I'll try to say this as nicely as possible.
Anonymous pissing and whining doesn't get any work done.
If you think a trail needs work, get out and do it, or make a post asking for help.
We have some members that can barely make it to a ride because of their schedules.
Do we really want to alienate them when they have time to ride.
Nameless finger pointing won't get the trails fixed.
In the words of Rodney King "Can't we all just get along".

T said...

I'm not sure how to respond. Especially since I don't know who is calling me a whiner.
I guess my post could be taken as me whining. That was not my intent. I was just stating a fact.

I appreciate camps reply. I'm glad that someone else can see the beating Southern Michaux has taken over the last several years.

Whining or not, at least I put my name on my statements!

Anonymous said...

Actually, "t" isn't a name. The point is either valid or not - regardless of who said it.

Scott said...

Gee, I jumped in here to say I think the pump track project sounds pretty cool. I think my 11 year old will love it and believe me, any way I can get him more interested in biking is what I'm looking for. Almost forgot about the pump track comment I wanted to make when I read this thread. Let's remember some conversations are better in person and that we all have something in common if we're reading this blog.

(a real name) :-)

Buck said...

Anonymous, if you want access to the blog to post and put your name to things give me your email and sign up for an account!! Josh S

pabiker said...

Please be careful what you ask for. I'm not for blog censorship or "calling people out". This is a blog, a public blog, as long as folks are not using profanity, racism, spamming us, or posting blatently commercial content - I say let it go.

You can always choose who you do or do not respond to.

While I know some folk's usernames and real identity I don't know them all and I sure as heck don't plan on using my real name anytime soon.