Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hey Bikers
Sunday is the Curse of Dark Hollow race. To all who are racing good luck and be safe. We will decide were to ride next Sunday. Have fun!!!!


Anonymous said...

New to the site. I was referred to check out this site from Family Cycle Center, do you all ride every weekend? Just looking for more info about the club and how to join some rides. Thanks!

camps said...

Yes, every Thursday from Mont Alto State Park at 5:00, and every Sunday from other spots. Check here for those spots and times.

JohnP said...

I have a 25 mile racers pump and would love to get it back to him. After I flatted in shale I used it to pump my tire and one mile later he broke his handle bars and was done for the day.

I looked around after the race but figured he left. Please contact me and I will get it back to you.