Sunday, November 09, 2008


I have extra jerseys for sale while supplies last! $50

4 XL

4 L

2 M



Chief said...

Here is your chance T. I also have socks out the yahoo 5.00 pair.

jmblg said...

i'll take a medium, where do i send the check? been trying to get a tshirt (signed up for member and t shirt). thanks, jim

Todd said...

I'd like a jersey as well, a large please and a pair of socks. Like Jim asked, where do we send the checks??


bucsexy said...

I'll take an XL jersey and a pair of socks.

T said...

Sorry. I am going to have to decline to be one of Sue's Merry Elves. Maybe you should get one for Kim!!

Skinny, you need to get on that T-shirt thing!

clownbike said...

Hey Pabiker, How about an undate on those T-shirts.

SkinnyLegs said...

OK, I'll hold a medium for Jim, a large for Todd & Chuck gets an XL. Jim & Todd: I'll email the mailing address to you, so you can send a check made payable to MBM.

You'll have to hook up with Chief to get your socks.

Your loss T.

Chief said...

I'll have the socks with me at the rides.

BobS said...

I'm interested in an XL jersey if you have any left. How do I get one?