Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rear Wheel Clinic

the winter version of the skills clinic happened today at Chambersburg's new 4th Street Skate/Bike Park in 27 degree temps and a few snow flurries.
many of the features had a rime ice coating that we deemed "The Michaux Effect".

we worked on getting up and down these boxes without being clipped in,
this is what we were here to do

then Brett and Jody took it to the skinny rails and up a notch

it didn't always end so smoothly

the instructor messes around (as always)

Jody schools us

Maybe we'll do this again in the Spring


Anonymous said...

Wow! Cool pics and excellent riding. Jody needs to quit messing around in the mountains and start riding trials!

yellowjekyll said...

this was a lot of fun and really helpful to me! I'll be back to the skate park before spring!

Many thanks to Larry, Jody and Brett for all the phat tips!

bucsexy said...

Yikes! I'm puckering just watching you guys ride those rails. That's some brave riding right there!

brett said...

It was a really good session to just try and re-try and re-try stuff somewhere that you also didn't have to worry about what rock or tree you would hit if you screwed something up. Running flat pedals also helped a lot in the "bail factor". Many thanks to Larry for organizing this. Hopefully next time we'll see more people!

The Wiser Weiser said...

Thank you, Larry! Even though i didn't survive "my conditions", i wanted you to know that i practiced the techniques yesterday on our trail ride and i really noticed a difference--i was riding over some new things and it seemed really easy! Thanks, again! Would like to do when warmer and maybe a different time of month....;)