Monday, June 08, 2009

Massanutten Hoo Ha

Some MBMers and other local riders went down to Massanutten on Sunday to do the Hoo Ha. It was hot and there was a lot of climbing. I DNFed, Trish was 3rd, Zach Adams was 5th, Martin Kell was 9th and Harlen was somewhere on the podium. I think I saw Travis walking around after the race. Please post your results if I missed anyone.

Joel went up to Danville to do the Tour de Tykes. He finished 2nd!


Travis said...

Yup, I was walking around after the race. I took first in the ss class,....seems great until you realize Benji Klimas, second overall in the xxc class, races on a ss so his teammates can get a little recognition!

Anonymous said...

Where did Fred place? Did he win a water bottle?