Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Gettysburg Bicycle Teaberry Pre-ride

Jes from Gettysburg Bicycle is organizing a pre-ride of the beginner and intermediate Teaberry loops this Sunday, 9/6/09 at 9:00am. The ride will follow the exact race loop for this year's race. Do just the beginner loop or both beginner and intermediate.


prophet said...

I'm planning on riding this. It's just too interesting to pass up. Been wanting a look at that intermediate loop for months!

dirtygirlmagnet said...

This could be a fun group ride. I'm planning on being there.

Slowride said...

I'll be there. This should be a pretty big group.

Slowride said...

Teaberry race maps are posted.
Looks like the loop we did last night is the beginner loop. The expert loop looks like parts of Saturdays ride but I'm not sure.
I'm getting a flat tire just thinking about it!?